Mark Harris

Freelance Sound Engineer/Recordist




Harvest of the Dead (Devils Avalanche Films, Dir. Peter Goddard)

Ragamuffin (Boom Operator)

Unsung (Wefilmreality)



A Billion to One: Autumn Gold

Adam Patel, Real Magic (Initiative Motion Pictures)

Ghetto Heaven Pilot (Rockindale Productions Ltd, Dir. Sacha Bennett)



Portrait of Dareos

An Interview With A Terrorist (World Films, Dir. Agnieszka Lukasiak)

The Dance We Made (Darling Pictures, HTC, Dir. Maya Avidov)

Morgan And I (Supreme, Dir. Harry Davidge)

Fall on my Feet (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Charlotte Hewitt)

Mayas (Dir. Molly Diable, Wildlife Conservation, shot in Malaysia)



Curse Of The Plague Doctor (Devils Avalanche Films, Dir. Peter Goddard)

Project #39 (Devils Avalanche Films, Dir. Peter Goddard)

Run In The Forest, Run! (Naked Films, Dir. Tim Croucher Faraday

The Legend Of The Whipped Cream Man (Re-Recording Mixer)

Together (Dir. Lucy Martin)

Captured (Dir. Sam Norton)

The Demon's Touch (Re-Recording Mixer)

Empty (Dir. Tom Smith)

Smoke (Dir. Tom Smith)

Card Boy (Dir. Dorota Berent)

Wafaring Stranger (AUB Grad Film) (Re-Recording Mixer)

Nightfall (Hard Road Films, Dir. Rad Brown)

Just Another Job (Hard Road Films, Dir. Rad Brown)

Dinner As Usual (Hard Road Films, Dir. Rad Brown)

A Killer's Confession (Dir. Tom Smith)

Sweets (Hard Road Films, Dir. Rad Brown)

To Susie (Dir. Lucy Martin)

Under The Table (Dir. Rae Harm)

Gangsters Vs Vampires (Blacktail Productions, Dir. James Barbarossa)

Action! (Dir. Sam Norton)

Webcam (Devil’s Avalanche Films, Dir. Peter Goddard)

The Game (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Hugo Melo)

Listen Up Emily (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Milo Cremer Eindhoven)

The Village Fate (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Charles Copsey)

Spectrum (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Lewis Logan)

Moonlight Sonata (Dir. Jay Jones)

The Blue Puppet (Dir. Keng-U Lao)

Shingle (Dir. Harry Davidge)

Spaceman (Initiative Motion Pictures, Dir. Adam Spinks)

Abstract (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Deon Griffin)

Safe Haven (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Artur Nilov)

Mahogany (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Kori Humphries)

Fly In The Lamplight, Boom Operator (AUB Grad Film, Dir. Danny Jeffs)



MotherCare (X-Film)

GradMED (Square Eyed Pictures)

History Bombs (History Bombs Ltd)

Siemens Financial Services (Edge Picture Co.)

IHG (Edge Picture Co.)

Wandle (Edge Picture Co.)



Comic Book Free Day - Paradox Comics (Giantkiller Studios)

Wimborne Fright Night (Electrify Events)

Macmillan Summer Lights (Jack Films, Dir. Lawrence Page)



Talking Heads (ImpACT Theatre, Dir. Patricia Richardson)

Hymn and Cocktail Sticks (ImpACT Theatre, Dir. Patricia Richardson)

The Thrill Of Love (ImpACT Theatre, Dir. Patricia Richardson)

Neighbourhood Watch (ImpACT Theatre, Dir. Patricia Richardson)

Proof (Bournemouth Little Theatre, Dir. Patricia Richardson)



Poole Symphonic Concert Band (Live Orchestral Recording)

Black Water County - Fairytale of New York (Studio Recording)

Black Water County - Welcome to the Black Water County (Studio Recording)

Constellation - Valentine (Studio Recording)

Constellation - Flower Song (Studio Recording)

Cody Skills - One More Day (Studio Recording)

Jacob Banks - Grace (Music Video, Dir. J Fonseca)